2016 - Okayama Education for Sustainable Development Award

The Spinner Dolphin Project was ranked among the 10 finalists in the world to compete for the “Okayama Award 2016” for Education for Sustainable Development.

Being ranked among the 10 finalists in the world, showed us that we are in tune with our mission: develop scientific research, environmental education, community involvement and sustainability actions to foster conservation of the spinner dolphins, Fernando de Noronha Archipelago and marine biodiversity and our vision: become a world reference on environmental conservation and sustainability in insular ecosystems.

This award is promoted by the city of Okayama in Japan, selected as one of UNESCO’s partners for the Global Program of Action for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. For this reason, the Okayama city launched the “Okayama Award” in 2015 with the aim of disseminating worldwide practices for Sustainable Development.

2015 - BRAZTOA Sustainability Award

Spinner Dolphin Project won 1st Place in the BRAZTOA Sustainability Award.

The prize represents recognition for the actions that the Spinner Dolphin Project has been doing since 1990 in favor of sustainable tourism on the Fernando de Noronha Archipelago. The Braztoa Sustainability Award serves as a stimulus for the application of sustainable practices in Brazilian tourism.

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2012 e 2013 - Merit Award

This award granted by the District Council of Fernando de Noronha aims to recognize the services provided by local institutions for the benefit of Noronhas’s Community.

In 2012 and 2013, the Spinner Dolphin Project got a Merit Award due to its local actions that benefited: the Archipelago School students on the theme Environmental Education; young people who received professional qualifying courses in the area of Ecotourism; and 75 Lodges that participated in the Sustainability Project within the scope of how to implement a Sustainable Management in their business.

2008 - Guardianship Council’s Statement

This statement was granted to the NGO Spinner Dolphin Center for the partnership in actions on developing programs for environmental education and professional qualification for children, adolescents and young people of Fernando de Noronha.

2007 - Public Benefit Title

The Public Benefit Title is the recognition of Fernando de Noronha’s District Council that the Spinner Dolphin Center provides relevant services disinterestedly to society.

2006 - Certificate of the Police Authority from Pernambuco

The NGO Spinner Dolphin Center received this certificate due to its collaboration in the Drug Resistance and Violence Program on the archipelago.

2006 - Procel Prize

The architectural project of our headquarters was made according to the concept of sustainable architecture, receiving, in 2006, 1st Place in the Procel Prize (Power Efficiency) – Building Category

The Procel Prize is a voluntary adhesion instrument whose main objective is to identify buildings that have the best classifications of power efficiency in a given category, motivating the consumer market to acquire and use more efficient properties. This is an extremely important sector in the electricity market, accounting for about 50% of the country’s power consumption.

2003 - Mail Stamp

In 2003, to commemorate 500 years of the official discovery of Fernando de Noronha, the Brazilian Post Office launched the Dolphins of Brazil Stamp, with a holographic image and a booklet with text and photos of Fernando de Noronha’s spinner dolphins.